Tom Hanks had “no ambition” when he was a teenager

by NZ City — December 6 2023

In an interview with The Guardian, Tom explained: “I had no ambitions to do anything, except maybe to kiss Marie, in my school class, you know, or to make Dorothy laugh.”

The actor openly acknowledged his fascination with space and credited Stanley Kubrick’s timeless film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ for sparking his interest in the cinematic realm.

“I can tell you the day. It was a Sunday, it was kind of rainy and it was cold. It was the day the Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs, November of 1968. It blew my head off. It presented this romantic notion of a human being in this place void of life. I had paid attention to the space programme prior to that, but I was not hooked by the artistry or the romance of it until I saw that movie.”

Tom expressed his captivation with space, highlighting that the movie instilled in him an admiration for Hollywood and the craft of filmmaking. This experience ultimately paved the way for his career in the industry, even though he may not have realized it at the time.

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