Titanic, Avatar director James Cameron to become New Zealand citizen next year – ‘I love being a Wellingtonian’

by NZ Herald — 16 November 2023

Renowned filmmaker James Cameron, known for directing blockbuster hits Titanic and Avatar, recently expressed his affection for New Zealand. He disclosed his intention to become a citizen within a year and shared plans to film all of his upcoming projects in the country.

Cameron, responsible for three of the top four highest-grossing movies in history, passionately urged the new government to maintain the 20-25 percent screen production rebate that initially drew him to New Zealand for Avatar. He emphasized that this incentive had not only generated thousands of jobs but had also injected well over $500 million into the economy.

The 69-year-old director, serving as the keynote speaker at Spada’s annual Screen Industry Conference in Wellington, referred to the capital as his home and enthusiastically recounted his experiences in Kiwi life to the audience.


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