No Creativity without Creators

by Paula Browning — 26.4.2021

The United Nations’ calendar these last few days has been bursting with celebrations on themes close to my heart. Friday was World Book and Copyright Day, Wednesday was World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Today (Monday 26 April) it’s World Intellectual Property Day, a day marked by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and focused this year on small to medium enterprises and taking ideas to market.

From my seat in the New Zealand book sector, these three days and their themes fit together to form a whole. Without creativity, there’s little for writers and publishers to buy or sell. And without the mechanisms that give creative people the ability to commercialise their ideas, it’s very hard for the rest of us to access, let alone celebrate, creative work.

The relationship between creativity, intellectual property rights and taking ideas to market is something I’ve been thinking about a great deal recently because New Zealand’s copyright regime is under review.

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