New Zealand is producing an authentic, unique and indigenous monster film titled ‘Taniwha’!

by Marta Balaga — 2 Aug 2023

New Zealand is set to release its first “authentic” monster movie, “Taniwha,” about the unique indigenous monster of the Maori tribe, Taniwha. Produced by Tainui Stephens and Desray Armstrong, the film is set in New Zealand 1000 years ago, when humans respected nature’s laws. The story follows Keiha and Waikura, a devoted couple who lead survivors to safety after their peaceful world is destroyed by a brutal tribe. The film breaks free from the cliché of barbaric aristocracy and shatters stereotypes, especially in gender roles. The dialogue is “completely understandable”, with the group believing they are not much different from their ancestors in the way they communicate with each other. The group hopes “Taniwha” will delight viewers intrigued by new perspectives on Aboriginal stories and become another example of Mori success stories. The film belongs to the film genre with indigenous weight, only the Maori can tell this story. The group is also revealing upcoming collaborations with famous Maori artists, bringing “high-end design and style” to the film.

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