New AFCI Topper Kevin Jennings Leads Org With More Support and Solutions

by Variety — December 10, 2020

Courtesy of AFCI

With COVID still forcing lockdowns in countries around the world, the role of the Assn. of Film Commissioners Intl.  has never been more important to the production community.  The professional organization continues to attract more members, recently adding Film Coop, the Cooperstown, Oneonta and Otsego Film Partnership, Canada’s London Economic Development Corp. and the United Arab Emirates’ Shams Film Commission. The AFCI membership also elected Timothy Owase, the Kenya Film commissioner, to the AFCI board starting in January.  And the AFCI has a new president, New Zealander Kevin Jennings, who was AFCI board chair from 2016-19. For 13 years, he was executive manager of New Zealand’s Film Otago Southland, which has worked with such productions as “Mulan.” Variety spoke to Jennings about challenges AFCI members and the production community face in the coming year.

What are you excited to bring to AFCI?

I’m eager to combine my many years of film office experience with my prior AFCI leadership experience to lead our organization into 2021 and the post-COVID world…

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