Netflix reveals top 100 most watched shows data for first time ever

by NewsHub — 14 December 2023

Netflix has unveiled its inaugural engagement report, with increased viewership data transparency.

Among the streaming service’s most sought-after content are global sensations, teenage dramas, and narratives centered around female protagonists.

As per Netflix’s disclosure, the top ten most-watched shows or movies on the platform from January to June 2023 encompass The Night Agent, the initial two seasons of Ginny & Georgia, the Korean drama The Glory, Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega, Queen Charlotte, a Bridgeton spinoff, the fourth season of You featuring Penn Badgley, the third season of the Spanish telenovela La Reina del Sur, the third season of Outer Banks, and FUBAR starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a comprehensive list featuring over 18,000 titles on Netflix, the top 100 includes noteworthy entries such as the fourth season of Manifest, the second season of Firefly Lane, Jennifer Lopez’s thriller The Mother, Eddie Murphy’s You People, both seasons of the now-discontinued Sex/Life, reality shows like Perfect Match, the fourth season of Love Is Blind, and acclaimed releases such as The Diplomat and Beef that gained prominence during award seasons.


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