Legislating for Site-Blocking Orders in New Zealand: Learning from Singapore and Beyond

by NUS Law Research Blog — 30 October 2023

Professor Graeme Austin contends that New Zealand (NZ) should enact dedicated legislation empowering courts to issue “site-blocking orders” against internet intermediaries, primarily targeting internet service providers (ISPs). These orders mandate ISPs to restrict access to websites that facilitate the unauthorised distribution of intellectual property (IP)-protected material.

While a 2018 Issues Paper from the NZ government suggested that the authority to issue such orders might be inherent in the NZ High Court’s powers, the paper advocates for a more proactive approach. It argues that instead of relying on the court’s inherent powers, it would be preferable to adopt specific legislation for site-blocking, akin to the approach taken in Singapore with the enactment of the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2014.

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