Global appeal of ‘Barbenheimer’ is bringing crowds back to NZ theatres

by Leonard Powell — 10 AUGUST 2023

The Barbie movie’s global popularity resonated in Aotearoa, with over $10,398,849 at the New Zealand box office in its third week. The New Zealand International Film Festival and major films like Barbie and Oppenheimer have drawn more people back to theatres following the disruption of COVID-19 closures. Barbie is breaking box office records, reaching $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales in just 17 days. The film is currently on track to enter the top 10 highest-grossing New Zealand films.

Cinematographer Meredith Malone of Bridgeway Cinemas in Auckland said excitement was high and people were dressing up for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties, private events, and more. The hype for Barbie is real, with people being asked to buy premiere tickets more than ever. Word of mouth continues after the film’s release, and that could be New Zealand’s colder, wetter weather or the appeal of the big screen. The film’s success is attributed to the excitement and demand for the film, as well as the New Zealand International Film Festival and the New Zealand International Film Festival.

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