Changes to the screen production grant have been confirmed

by — 14 August 2023

The New Zealand Government has finalised changes to the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, allowing greater access to domestic and international film and television productions. International projects may claim a 20% reduction in usage in New Zealand, while local projects may require a 40% reduction.

The subsidy will be renamed the NZ Display Manufacturer Discount (NZSPR), and new criteria will be implemented to make it easier for manufacturers to take advantage of the 5% increase. A revised score test and application criteria will be implemented, along with increased production flexibility and clearer rules. More emphasis will be placed on how applicants approach employment development, including recruitment criteria for the Maori cast and crew. Endurance requirements will be included for the first time, and registrants will also receive points for repeat activity.

The revised 5% increase comes after Australia relaxed its film price cut programme earlier this year, offering a 30% discount on film productions. The government will also allow first-time local producers access to NZSPR and other sources of public funding, such as NZ on Air cash. The move is expected to usher in a wave of domestic NZSPR production. This will come into effect at the end of next month.