‘By Tongans, for Tongans’: Kingdom of Kings film to showcase rugby and Tongan life

by RNZ — 11 January 2024

Presently, Sebastian Hurrell, is in the process of creating a film titled ‘The Kingdom of Kings,’ aiming to showcase Tonga’s connection to rugby in a unique and unprecedented manner.

Over the past 24 months, Hurrell and his team have been diligently working on the project. In an interview with RNZ Pacific in Auckland, he emphasised that their film is “made by Tongans, set in Tonga, for Tongans.”

While rugby takes centre stage in the film, Hurrell clarified that its primary focus is not solely on the sport itself. Instead, it explores the broader theme of the opportunities rugby presents to Tongan youth, transcending the game.

Hurrell explained, “Rugby, for example, in Tonga provides opportunities for young kids to get out of poverty and hardship. Break out of some of the many health issues that we face in the Pacific around diabetes, obesity and heart disease. And this is like one of the few activities that young Tongans can enjoy.”

The narrative Hurrell and his team aim to convey revolves around the transformative pathway that rugby offers to young Tongans, impacting them as individuals, their families, communities, and contributing to the larger identity of Tonga as a nation.

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