Scot Squad’s Ashley Smith joins Scotland and New Zealand in Cailleach film

by Nan Spowart

Cailleach tells the tale of an almost forgotten Celtic goddess


FANS of Scot Squad know her as PC Jane Mackay – but Ashley Smith, the actor who plays her, has loftier matters than police patrols on her mind.

A self-confessed lover of the circus and hobby aerialist, she has written the script for a film that blends aerial, theatre and circus performance.

Filmed in Mull and New Zealand, Cailleach marks the debut of fledgling aerial performance company Sonder Circus and tells the story of an almost forgotten woman of Celtic folklore.

Originally conceived in 2019 as a live production, the pandemic saw Smith and her company co-founders Lauren Jamieson and Joanna Vymeris locked down in Glasgow, London and New Zealand, so they decided instead to make a film version of the show.

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