Interview: David Farrier on the five-year challenge of ‘Mister Organ,’ obsession and madness, and having to change his locks

by Awards Watch — 26 September 2022


Beyond the normal is where documentarian David Farrier feels comfortable. The New Zealand-born journalist-turned-filmmaker has tackled dark tourism scandals, the world of competitive tickling, scientology, and other variety of topics that make him one of the most unique documentarians working today. In doing this, he focuses also on figures that are controversial and need a light shined on them to see their unethical practicing they are manipulating daily.

His latest project seems to be his strangers and most dangerous project of his career, Mister Organ. Farrier explores the figure Michael Organ, a pathological liar who emotional ruins everything and everyone in his path. His latest victim is an antique shop owner named Jillian, whom is under the spell of Organ’s snake charming ways. Over the course of the film, we learn about Organ’s dark complicated past, legal history, absent family, and how controlling and cumbersome he can be. With this, we also see him turn his tactics on Farrier, pushing the filmmaker to personal limit he has yet explored in his career.

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